After more than 20 years, ROOM SERVICE is playing live again, with original members and two new additions (read on)!

ROOM SERVICE was founded back in 1982, as a dance band, for the purpose of performing, recording and being signed to a record label. During that time, they played at most of the rock clubs in the SoCal/L.A. circuit. Notably, ROOM SERVICE opened for the likes of Rick Derringer and Mick Fleetwood, as well as functions like parties for comedian Flip Wilson and the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon with Jerry Lewis.


Donna O'Reilly (lead vocalist/ songwriter/ lyricist) studied voice and music in High School, College and privately. As a performer, she really works the stage with the band to create good rapport with the audience. Her sultry voice and aggressive attitude are used together onstage to bring about a unique, enjoyable experience.

Lisa Gorenc (bass/ vocals/ songwriter/ arranger/ lyricist) studied piano, violin, guitar and singing at an early age until she found her true instrument of choice in the bass guitar. The combination of playing notes and being part of the rhythm section is the best of both worlds, and it's all about having a great time doing it.

Rich Gold (drums & percussion) has played drums for many years, and is the glue that holds the band together. A very consistent and creative member with great creative ideas, he is also responsible for the band's reuniting.

Mark Romano (guitar/ writing/ arranging) has written, performed and taught music for many years. Along with guitar, he plays many other instruments, and was Songwriter of the Year for "Leave This Town" (National Academy of Songwriters). His kinetic, flashy energy is fun to watch and is very contagious.

Michelle DiSimone (vocals & percussion) is our newest member, and her singing has helped to fill out the band's vocal sound, taking it to the next level.

Peter Romano (guitar & vocals) is (you guessed it) Mark's brother, who also happens to be a brilliant songwriter and performer of unstoppable energy.



ROOM SERVICE has a very unique sound. Formed in the 80s, we do sport some alternative influences, though it is mostly melodic rock, ballads and very high energy dance grooves and rhythms. ROOM SERVICE has evolved in the last few years and are adding new original songs to the set list all the time. With Donna's strong vocals, Mark's melodic and wailing guitar, Rich's punchy drum beats, Lisa's energetic, groovy bass licks, Peter's funky rhythm guitar, and Michelle's vocal enhancements, you get a contagiously fun performance that will bring you back for more.



Thanks for visiting our web page, and keep checking back in for more ROOM SERVICE updates and performance schedules; this is only the beginning .... AGAIN!